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ChitChat Marketing offers online marketing services for small businesses across multiple industries. Our digital marketing services range from search engine optimization, social media management, web design, and Google ads management.

What Online Marketing Services Are Best For Me?

Realistically, you want to use as many as you can. The point of starting a digital marketing strategy is to gain as much exposure as possible online. So, at ChitChat Marketing, we recommend using SEO Services, social media Management Services, Web Design Services, and Google Ads services.

The ultimate goal of a good digital marketing strategy is to drive traffic to your website and convert this traffic into sales. Through a holistic online marketing strategy, this can be done extremely effectively and maximize your return on investment.

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Why ChitChat Marketing For Digital Marketing?

Our online marketing specialists at Chit Chat marketing have over 10 years of digital marketing experience. We have worked across multiple industries including dentistry, home services, nursing homes, and more. Additionally, our clients have nothing but good things to say about us because we go above and beyond when building your internet marketing strategy.

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  • Web Design
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Digital Marketing Services

Web Design Services 

First off, you need a website. A website acts as your online digital hub where users can learn about your products and services.  our digital marketing agency, we focus on developing a website for you that converts users into customers. We do this by optimizing your landing pages to improve user experience and engagement. we measure performance by installing Google Analytics on your website to track all user behavior to ensure that our landing pages are performing as well as they should be.

Social Media Marketing Services

It's important for your business to be visible on as many social networks as possible. At ChitChat marketing, we focus on getting you on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter if necessary. We use tons of social media management tools to ensure that we are consistently scheduling posts to your social media accounts. It's important to consistently post content when managing social media accounts so that your social channels never become stale.

Google Adwords Management Services

Google AdWords has become a great way to drive leads to your business quickly. Basically, we target specific keywords relevant to what your business offers and bid on them to ensure that your ad shows before your competitors. This is a quick way to start delivering leads to your business instantly. Google Ads is one of the best ways to save time when you're trying to grow a digital presence quickly.

Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

SEO services are critical to ensuring that your website is visible on search engines such as Google. The basics are choosing keywords that are relevant to your industry that you would like your website to show on a search query.  At ChitChat Marketing, our SEO Specialists do tons of keyword research to ensure that we are using the most profitable keywords across your web pages.

Local SEO is extremely important when developing an SEO strategy. You want your website to not only show for relevant keywords but you also want to show in your local and surrounding areas.  our SEO specialists build SEO campaigns that are optimized in every way to ensure that your website is getting the most relevant traffic possible.